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How much do you invest in yourself? How much do you invest in your well-being?

Taking time to “smell the roses” as they say can have a very positive effect on your mental well-being. A bundle of assorted flowers, a leafy green plant, or even a new fragrance added to your home or office will breathe new life in your space.

What do you think about spending $5 or $10 dollars of your weekly budget on flowers? What about a monthly budget to invest in a small plant? You understand what I’m talking about…as you go through the rooms of your house you will immediately see the vibrancy that these beautiful plants or flowers add. I am certain that you will reap the benefits in making an investment in yourself in this way.

This is for both men and women…Any person taking the time to invest in buying flowers to enjoy for themselves deserves the reward. Also, a small bundle of flowers once or twice a month for your girlfriend, wife, husband, or significant other is like putting money into a bank. You’re making an investment in that relationship. This will help in the long run so you don’t have to come out of the pocket hundreds or thousands of dollars if something went wrong. 🙂