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Let’s talk about budgets. The word budget can bring fear into anyone planning an event. I have got to tell you it is the most important conversation to have when thinking of your wedding, baby shower, graduation party, or any other gathering. There are many people who will plan their events and can spare no expense, however, being realistic about your own situation will ease you into the planning process and help your vendors tremendously when they envision your experience. All vendors want to value your time and provide you options that will be of the greatest value within your particular means.

There are thousands of pictures online that show wonderful settings. Each one of those pictures can be broken down by an experienced professional to give you an idea of the range of pricing. We at CRD will make sure that we fit your creative vision into something that will match your budget. The majority of people do not have $1 million to spend on a Sweet 16 party, so let’s be a bit more clear. Be realistic and upfront regarding your budget, and with the “wants” and “must-haves” for your event.

You may see a 12-foot by 12-foot wall of lavish fresh blush pink peonies and hydrangeas that you must have as the back drop for your wedding, wonderful! The pricing comes back to you at $25,000 and you have budgeted $10,000. Do not lose hope. The look can be achieved with silk flowers, fresh flowers and lush greenery, such as variegated bush ivy. The look will be beautiful while keeping you within budget. I highly suggest doing your due diligence in budgeting and also understand, we all get what we pay for. You may find a vendor that is slightly more expensive, but consider the service and options you gain when dealing with an experienced professional. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

I love y’all, I appreciate y’all, happy planning, and remember, we create the imagined by building the relationship with one another.